If you are planning a trip to India, visiting SRGVVK or Vimukti is quite an experience.

If you plan to visit, please contact us at info@edugirls.org. Remember to get a picture and send us with a quote to be displayed here.

The positive spirit, drive, and motivation of these girls is so inspiring.
— Bruno Laporte and Victoria Neale, Vimukti visitors, Februrary 2019
Bruno Laporte and Victoria Neale visit Vimukti

I will do all I can to support this great cause.
— Jayesh and Seema Dayal, Vimukti visitor, Februray 2019

We heard girls say: ‘Unlike at the municipal school, we actually learn at our school”. What an endorsement!
— Vaijjya and Dileep Wagle, March 2016
Vaijjya and Dileep Wagle Visit Vimukti

I was excited to meet the radiant and confident girls of Vimukti. I truly believe that by educating these young girls, we are educating a nation.
— Priti Jain, Vimukti visitor, Februrary 2019
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“Meeting the young girls at Vimukti was a rewarding experience: there is hope and industry at and the girls’ happiness is infectious.”

Jyoti Minocha Vimukti Visitor February 2019

Ms.Jyoti Minocha.jpg
The girls are acquiring self confidence and new lease on life through education empowerment.
— Kirit Shah, Vimukti Visitor, December, 2018
kirit shah visits vimukti

Loved the genuine smiles on the little girls’ faces and the attentive sparkle in their eyes. Thanks to the staff and supporters for leveling the playing field for girls.
— Neeta Dutt, Vimukti Visitor December 2018
Neeta Dutt visits Vimukti, December, 2018

Vimukti does God’s work and we proudly support underprivileged girls; personally also have initiated multiple MDRT Foundation and Rotary grants
— Anila & Vijay Khetarpal, Vimukti visitors Februrary 2016
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So happy to see these 7 girls continue to High School on Edu-GIRLS’ scholarships rather than drop out after grade 7
— Anand Seth, Edu-GIRLS founder, SRGVVKT Visitor June 2017
Anand Seth visits SRGVVKT

It was quite the experience. We were not expecting what we saw and were amazed [by] how happy they were to be at school!
— Sachin, Sahana, Naveen Parikh & Aryaman Uberoi, Vimukti visitors April 2016
Sachin, Sahana, Naveen Parikh and Aryaman Uberoi visit Vimukti

I reminded every girl at Vimukti that through education, they can be or do anything. I then saw the light in each of their eyes.
— Jill Landefeld, Edu-GIRLS advisor and Vimukti Visitor, Spring 2017
Jill Landefeld visits Vimukti

Vimukti helped shake the helpless feeling one gets seeing street children. It is a powerful to see these girls are getting a real shot at a future.
— Pooja Parikh, Vimukti visitor April 2016
Pooja Parikh visits Vimutki

SRGVVK perseveres in challenging circumstances: two classes side by side on the veranda. Let us change this and give children an equal fighting chance.
— Anne & Narayan Ramachandran, SRGVVK visitors November 2018
Anne and Narayan Ramachandran visit SRGVVKT

Energized to keep doing everything needed to remove any obstacle that stands in the path between these young girls and their dreams.
— Sangeeta & Rajiv Agrawal, Vimutki visitors 2016

The cheerful faces of the girls and their enthusiastic participation in the classroom was proof that Vimukti is doing a super job.
— Sudha Garg & Sujata Kibe, Vimukti visitors Februrary 2015
Sudha Garg & Sujata Kibe visit Vimukti

Vimukti teachers are not just teachers - they are life coaches for the entire family, helping them solve daily problems.
— Shubra Garg, Edu-GIRLS board member and Vimukti Visitor March 18
Shubra Garg visits Vimukti

We were impressed with the effort to serve this population. Wish I could fund schools like this everywhere India.
— Amita Sarin, Vimukti visitor 2017
Amita Sarin visits Vimukti

अपना अक्स तुममें दिखाई देता है ।हिमालयकी बुलंदियों तक पहुंचो तुम।

( In you I see my shadow. May you reach Himalayan heights.)

—-Sangeeta Simlote at Vimukti Dec 2018

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